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WZ-VN Filter Machine
WZ-VN Filter Machine
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WZ-VN filter


Application Field

  WZ-VN filtration system has been widely used for all kinds of grinding occasions,especially mainly used for the CBN grinding wheel grinding to the forming gears.

Product Features:

Low using cost(The consumables can be repeatedly used for more than 2 years.),compact & nice construct, good adaptability and bearing.

It can integrate the hydraulic system cooling unit and oil mist filter onto the filtration system.

It can supply the clean grinding oil continuously to the grinder by continuous filtration.

It can send the filtered dry filter cake to the dirt cart without manual intervention.



WZ-VN Sketch

  The system continuously penetrates the dirty oil into the filter cloth by the strong aspirating ability of the aspirating pump to form the continuous filtration. At the same time of filtration,the dirt will be retained on the filter cloth surface. When the dirt form the certain thickness,the negative pressure will appear on the filter cloth surface.And if with the certain amount of negative pressure degrees,the filter cloth will go forward automatically and form the filter cake in the drying station after drying treatment and finally collected in the dirt cart .The whole process will be automatic and can be added with the cooling temperature control devices.

Site Application



Filter Effects


WZ-VN Filter Machine Functional Layout 

  We can design the liquid oil filtration system,cooling system,oil & mist filtration system together with the integrative design & complete function.Sheet metal processing parts:Baosteel flat palte,integrative laser cutting machine,CNC Shear,pickling & phosphating coating.


  Wiese the new WOF-N-A series tool grinder filtration system can provide filtration for single or multiple machine, filtering accuracy up to a maximum of 1 micron (1μm).



Application domain:

Hard alloy tool grinding cooling filter, super hard cobalt carbide tool grinding cooling filter, etc..

Filtering accuracy:

Can provide the highest to 1 micron (m) absolute precision filtration.

Suitable liquid:

Oil age but liquid and water cooling liquid.

Tool grinding machine tool:

Tool grinding machine for any brand.


Product features

Wiese technology WOF-N-A filtration system uses modular design, the system under the needs of users can through the installation of filter increase the amount of filtering for more grinding machine oil. At the same time the whole filtering system using Wiese technology of the third generation of design results, has been the design of refrigeration unit, a filtering unit, magnetic filtration unit, combined together, and the utility model has the advantages of compact structure, reasonable, efficient and convenient maintenance, the entire equipment parts without exposed, all the equipment runs in the integrated chassis, clean and noise is extremely low. Through the WOF-N-A high precision filtration, oil cleanliness to reach 1 m, in the effective extension of the service life of the oil while reducing the damage to the fine carbide of the machine tool, greatly reducing the maintenance cost of the machine tool.

Filtering steps


      Field application



ModelFilter bucket number (only)Filter flow(L/min)Filtering accuracy(µ m)Supply pressure(bar)Automatic tungsten discharging machineCirculation volume(L)Power system(kW)